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Indo Agrio registered under the legal name of PT Agro Bumi Universal operates a wide range of commodities interests. Wholesale supplier, producer, and exporter of agricultural product from Bali, Indonesia. We ship our product all over the world.

Our operations and productions are supported by a vast network of relationships between farmers, collectors, government, and freight forwarding partners. We partner with farmers and growers who cultivate the finest cloves, vanilla beans, arabica and robusta coffee beans. First hand from the farm with extensive quality control to meet the highest standard and ship to your destination.

We have expanded into commodities sourcing and supplying nutmeg, mace, along with other Indonesian spices. As well as coconut products including semi husked coconut, desiccated coconut and virgin coconut oil. As a trusted supplier, we source only the highest standard to elevate your business.

Drawing upon extensive experience in farming and unwavering commitment to fostering positive social and environmental impacts, we proudly stand at the forefront of sustainable investment. Our dedication extends beyond mere commerce, aiming to uplift local communities, enhance agricultural practices, and ensure that the benefits of trade are distributed fairly among those involved.

Premium Selection


Our product selection in agricultural sector from Bali.
Current crop from this season :


Coffee Beans Supplier Indonesia

Supplier of Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans as well as Robusta Coffee Beans from Kintamani, Pupuan and many regions in Bali. We produce green coffee beans or raw coffee beans unroasted. Agrio Coffee has many post harvesting choices of Fully Washed, Semi Washed, Dry or Natural process.


Vanilla Beans Supplier Indonesia

Vanilla beans supplier Indonesia from Vanilla Planifolia and Tahitian / Tahitensis. Grade choices from Premium Gourmet Grade A and Extraction Grade B. Different size from 15-22cm and up, choices of moisture and vanilla content. We also provide labeling services to create your own brand.


Cloves Supplier Indonesia

Supplier of cloves with Lal Pari grade and AB6 grade. We are able to sell our cloves to domestic cigarette companies and international trader and distributor. Finest hand picked cloves from Indonesia perfect for cuisine, seasoning, oil extraction, along with others.


Coconut Product Supplier Indonesia

Agrio Coco supplies a diverse range of top-quality coconut products, from full husked and semi-husked coconuts to various copra types. Our offerings extend to coconut sugar, palm sugar, desiccated coconut, virgin coconut oil, and more, ensuring a comprehensive selection for culinary and lifestyle needs


Commodities Exporter

We have explored the vast riches of the region to bring you the finest goods. Our expertise and commitment have earned us a reputation as a trusted commodities sourcing agent, and we are dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ demands. Let us bring the wealth of Indonesian agriculture to you!

Strive our best to commit and integrate all process of our product to have highest quality standard. Together with our logistics partners and close cooperation with the government, we can assist our customer importing requirement or custom clearance and relevant documents. We export our product to various country with great appreciation from the customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship your product?

We do ship our product internationally. Indo Agrio with rigorous selection of product quality partnered with multiple community farmer to secure supplies. A close relationship with international logistic and freight forwarding agent for competitive shipping price. Cooperated with government to secure legal, permit, and required documents in order to export our product.

Can you quotes CIF CNF prices?

Yes, we can give you quotation in CIF CNF prices. We do handle freight to your destination port. But for faster responses we offer FOB prices at closest port to commodity sources. There are list of port that we frequently ship our goods.

  • Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia.

We will coordinate with freight forwarding agent within 24 hours and provide you with best CIF / CNF prices.

What is your payment terms?

  • Bank Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer
  • Letter of Credit, at sight irrevocable

30% advance payment
all balance must be paid before delivery

What is the MOQ?

Minimum order quantity is different each product but mostly 1 metric ton is the minimum. Vanilla beans, coffee beans, and many other can be ordered less than 1 metric ton.

Do you have pictures of your product?

Yes, either in gallery page or product page. But often pictures is not enough. We encourage our customer to see product directly with free sample from us. Sensory analysis such as appearance, texture, flavour, aroma are better decided by customer but we offer 3rd party inspection, testing, and analysis such as Sucofindo for reference.

Do you have organic certification?

Indo Agrio has unparalleled selection of product and extensive range of choices. We supplies organic and non-organic required vary from country to country depending our customer demand. Please refer to product page for organic certification.

Can I request product sample?

Yes, product sample is free. But shipping cost is charged to customer. We use DHL Express door to door service. If you would like paid by your DHL corporate account, we are happy to help.

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Empowering farmers and uplift local communities into farming. Our primary focus revolves around Bali’s most prominent agricultural ventures, including the cultivation of vanilla and coffee across the island, the growth of cloves in northern Bali. However, our ultimate goal is to enhance the prosperity of our local region in northern Bali.

We invite you to be a part of a journey into Bali agriculture investment opportunities. Become a story that celebrates the island of Gods and ocean’s grace, uplifts communities, and echoes the symphony of sustainability.

The tides of change are calling—will you answer?

PT Agro Bumi Universal

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ministry of trade republic of Indonesia
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Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia
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