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World’s trustworthy and reliable spices Indonesia supplier. Supplier of cloves, vanilla beans, and many other Indonesian spices. Presenting numerous answers to Small and Medium sized spice companies catering their neighborhood spice marketplace needs for numerous qualities, grades and origin.


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Indonesia has one Abundant Extraordinary Spices world, that’s why other countries have come the era of the Majapahit Empire. Spices are a group of plants with very strong flavors and aromas, and are also a great healing plant. Spices are the largest export commodity after shrimp, fish and coffee.

Estimate the amount of spices and herbs in Indonesia, most of which are not cultivated, but grow wild. Indonesia is known as the “Mother of Spices” because of its geographical advantages, and its spice products are still sought after by other countries. From USA, Vietnam, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, France, China, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, South Korea, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada.

Fertile soil with the potential to produce some of the highest quality commodities in the world, we offer a wide range of products ready to ship anywhere in the world. We are committed to maintaining quality and want to help small communities achieve sustainable economic growth. Our products come from the best sources and we guarantee our customers will get the best supply because all our products are of the best quality.