Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the clove tree, which is a tropical evergreen that can live up to 100 years. They have an pungent aroma as well as a sweet and spicy flavor. In Indonesia, clove is used as raw material for cigarette called Kretek. Nowadays, Clove cigarettes have been smoked throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. The name “clove” derives from the Latin word for nail, clavus (because of its shape).

Indo Agrio cloves supplier Indonesia. Indonesian spices wholesale supplier and exporter. Buy cloves Indonesia and visit Cloves page for more information. Clove goes by many names in different languages such as ding xiang (Mandarin Chinese), laung (Hindi), clavo (Spanish), clou de girofle (French), chiodo di garofano (Italian), qurnafl (Arabic), nelke (German) and it is known as cengkeh in Indonesia.

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Indonesia is renowned as a top producer and exporter of high-quality spices, including cloves. This article delves into the process of harvesting and drying cloves, providing valuable tips for achieving the best results. We also introduce Indo Agrio, a trusted supplier of premium Indonesian cloves, known for their exceptional flavor and authenticity. Let's explore the journey of cloves from tree to kitchen and discover the benefits of incorporating them into your culinary repertoire.

Indonesia Spices

Cloves played a pivotal role in shaping global trade dynamics. During the Age of Exploration, European powers sought control over the spice trade, leading to colonization of spice-rich regions like Indonesia. The Dutch, in particular, monopolized the clove trade for centuries.

Harvesting Cloves

Cloves are harvested in late autumn or early winter when the flower buds transition from green to pink. Careful handling is essential to preserve the delicate buds, which are hand-picked and collected in baskets for further processing.

Cleaning Cloves

After harvesting, the cloves undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove any dirt or debris. This meticulous step ensures that the cloves maintain their quality and flavor. The cloves are washed in clean water and gently patted dry with a clean cloth.

Drying Cloves

Drying is a crucial stage that removes residual moisture and helps preserve the aroma and flavor of cloves. The cleaned cloves are spread in a single layer on a clean surface, allowing them to air-dry in a well-ventilated area for several days. Alternatively, placing them in a dry, sunny location can expedite the process, although careful monitoring is necessary to ensure even drying.

Storing Cloves

Once fully dried, cloves should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their flavor and aroma. Airtight containers or cloth bags provide protection against moisture. It is important to shield the cloves from direct light, which can degrade their quality over time.

Benefits of Cloves

Cloves offer not only a rich and warming aroma but also numerous health benefits. They possess pain-relieving properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and aid in digestion. Incorporating cloves into your cooking can enhance both flavor and wellness.

Cloves Supplier Indonesia

Indo Agrio is a trusted supplier and exporter of premium Indonesian cloves. Their commitment to quality is evident in every step, from sourcing the finest cloves directly from trusted suppliers and farmers to careful hand-packing of each order. Indo Agrio ensures that customers receive only the freshest and most flavorful cloves without any additives or preservatives.


At Indo Agrio, special attention is given to packaging to protect the cloves from moisture, light, and air, preserving their quality and flavor. Their extensive selection includes not only cloves but also a variety of other premium spices and seasonings, allowing customers to create delicious meals. Indo Agrio takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Buy Cloves Indonesia

Indonesia stands as a prominent producer and exporter of cloves, and Indo Agrio emerges as a reliable source for obtaining the finest Indonesian spices, particularly cloves. The article highlights the meticulous process of harvesting and drying cloves, emphasizing the significance of each step in preserving the flavor and quality. By choosing Indo Agrio, customers can enjoy the authentic taste of Indonesia and elevate their culinary creations with the rich and distinctive flavor of cloves.

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