Introducing Eucheuma Cottonii / Kappaphycus Alvarezii from Indo Agrio, in partnership with Macro Seaweed. Our premium quality seaweed product is sourced from the pristine coastal waters of Indonesia. With its high carrageenan content, our Eucheuma cottonii is a versatile ingredient that finds application in various industries. Extracted from this organic coral grass, our carrageenan forms strong and rigid gels, making it ideal for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Enhance the texture and stability of your food products, harness the moisturizing and soothing properties for your cosmetic formulations, or utilize its thickening capabilities for pharmaceutical suspensions.

Visit for more information. With Indo Agrio’s commitment to quality and sustainable practices, our Eucheuma cottonii offers you a premium seaweed solution for your industry needs. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities this exceptional seaweed brings to your products.

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Indonesia, blessed with abundant coastal resources, is home to a remarkable treasure from the ocean - Eucheuma cottonii. Also known as "sea bird's nest," this organic coral grass is a highly sought-after seaweed species with a wide array of applications. From its valuable carrageenan content to its vital role in sustaining coastal communities, Eucheuma cottonii holds immense significance in Indonesia's seaweed industry.

A Natural Wonder of Indonesian Waters

Eucheuma cottonii, alongside Kappaphycus alvarezii, flourishes in the warm tropical waters of Indonesia. Its vibrant colors and intricate structure make it a stunning sight beneath the waves. The seaweed's common names, including cottonii, katoni, and sacul, reflect its diverse regional presence and unique characteristics.

The Carrageenan Connection

Eucheuma cottonii owes its commercial value to its high carrageenan content. Carrageenan, extracted from this seaweed, is a natural hydrocolloid with remarkable gelling, stabilizing, and thickening properties. The kappa carrageenan variety derived from Eucheuma cottonii forms strong and rigid gels when combined with potassium ions and interacts with dairy proteins, making it indispensable to various industries.

Applications in Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals

The versatile nature of carrageenan extracted from Eucheuma cottonii opens up a world of possibilities. In the food industry, it enhances the texture and stability of dairy products, sauces, and processed meats. In cosmetics, carrageenan serves as a valuable ingredient in skincare products due to its moisturizing and soothing properties. Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry utilizes carrageenan in drug delivery systems and as a thickening agent in syrups and suspensions.

Sustainable Seaweed Farming

Seaweed farming, particularly Eucheuma cottonii cultivation, plays a vital role in Indonesia's coastal communities. The sustainable cultivation of this seaweed offers an alternative livelihood for fishermen and provides employment opportunities for local communities. Seaweed farms also act as natural buffers, protecting the coastlines from erosion and preserving marine ecosystems.

Indonesia's Leading Role

Indonesia's rich coastal resources have positioned it as a prominent player in the global seaweed industry. With favorable climate conditions and extensive expertise, the country has become a major supplier of Eucheuma cottonii. The cultivation and export of this precious seaweed contribute significantly to the nation's economy, making Indonesia a key global player in the market.

The Journey of Macro Seaweed

Among the suppliers of Eucheuma cottonii in Indonesia, Macro Seaweed stands out. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Macro Seaweed ensures the production and distribution of premium Eucheuma cottonii. Their dedication to environmentally friendly practices and support for coastal communities exemplify the responsible growth of the seaweed industry in Indonesia.

Eucheuma cottonii, the remarkable seaweed found in Indonesia's coastal waters, represents a precious gift from the ocean. Its high carrageenan content, sustainable cultivation, and diverse applications make it a valuable resource for various industries. As Indonesia continues to play a leading role in the global seaweed market, the future of Eucheuma cottonii remains bright, sustaining livelihoods and nurturing the coastal ecosystems that provide this natural wonder.

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